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Experts and Monkeys

June 30, 2011


The assessment of exposure and the estimation of exposure intensities or patterns is an intrinsically difficult exercise. Not only do the levels of exposure differ over time or across space, in many cases the components themselves also change; for example when different sources of specific exposures are turned on or off or in during the formation of […]

Communication, reading, listening………….and understanding!?!

June 16, 2011


This post is related to cell phones, cancer and the Monograph Programme…..again. I thought I’d apologize in advance even though I will not actually be talking about cell phones…or about cancer…really. As a scientist we all have to go through courses to improve our communication with our colleagues, the lay public, funding organizations and the […]

Just noise…

June 14, 2011


Although I confessed to being slightly behind with reading, it seems I could not have been more timely where my post on noise was concerned. A recent report from the European Union (this is paraphrased from a newspaper, I haven’t been able to find the link to the actual report yet. Although a link to […]

Cardiovascular effects and air pollution….or is it just noise??

June 13, 2011


Very often, when there is noise there is air pollution and vice versa, air pollution from traffic (and for example building sites) goes hand in hand with noise. An interesting Commentary in the January (yes, I am slightly behind with reading) 2011 issue of the journal Environmental Research (here) discusses the correlation between the two […]

R script: obtaining type III SS

June 13, 2011


R typically only provides you with the type I Sum-of-Squares when performing regression analysis. However, as most people are aware of there are also type II and type III SS. SAS for example also provides type III SS without specifically asking the program to do so. In R, this is slightly more complicated. As with […]

WinBUGS – Parametric Bayesian hierarchical variable selection for gene-environment and gene-gene interactions

June 10, 2011


Although a whole new world of research has opened with the advent of rapid and relatively cheap genotyping technologies, including the opportunity to identify gene-environment and gene-gene (epistatic) interactions, this also created new problems caused by the enormous dimensionality of the parameter space. A large number of methods have been developed that aim to address […]

“Bad Science”/the Guardian cover cell phones and health risks as well

June 10, 2011


The IARC 2B classification is covered by Bad Science’s Ben Goldacre in The Guardian as well this week: link Some interesting comments below the article…