Attitudes towards depression (a survey)

Posted on July 21, 2011


This time, a post that has nothing to with occupational or environmental epidemiology, nor with public health, exposure assessment or R. So to be honest I am completely out of my debt here…

But luckily, it is all for the greater good and the benefit of science. Plus I am helping out a friend (although from the South, she is originally from Stoke so that counts). She is doing an online survey on “attitudes towards depression” and is looking for participants. The good thing is (well in my book) that you don’t actually need to have been diagnosed with depression nor do you need to know anything about it (pfehhh). Plus it comes with the benefit of maybe, just maybe winning a £25 Amazon voucher as well. So no reason not to complete it as well, plus we all know the problems with recruitment of participants.

Basically, I am just, morally disputable and ethically unsound, involved in spamming :-).

Regardless, in her own words (additional info can be found after clicking the “here” link below:

I am currently running a questionnaire study looking at attitudes towards depression. We’re looking for lots of different people to take part, and you don’t need to know anything about depression or have been diagnosed with depression to take part. I would be so grateful if you could take the time to complete the study, and you can find out more information by following the link below. I’m offering a pretty good prize draw with lots of £25 Amazon vouchers to win (although in the past I’ve bought vouchers from elsewhere if you prefer). Also, if you are interested in the design and results of the study I’m happy to keep you updated. The study takes anywhere up to 25mins to complete. We hope that the results of the study will contribute towards us treating depression earlier than we currently do so you’d be really helping us out!

 Enter the study here


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