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Mobile phone risks purely git-based

April 27, 2012


Since a number of my posts have to do with carcinogenic risk of mobile phones (or absence thereof) and the studies investigating this, I thought I would not withhold the following newspaper article from you. It is a direct copy-paste from the brilliant Daily Mash (link), but to be honest they do seem to report […]

Mobile phones, carcinogenic risk, and the HPA

April 26, 2012


The UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) just published their new report entitled “Health Effects from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields”. In summary, their advisory committee, not including any unexpected names, does not believe of increased cancer risk of using cell phones. The full report can be downloaded for free here. This of course got wide coverage in […]

They used statistics!!

April 11, 2012


My previous post dealt with what i suspect was overzealous reporting by a reporter from the Daily Mail. Luckily, making fun of journalists never gets old. Apologies for linking to a newspaper article in a Dutch newspaper, but on the upside – it is only a short post… Today the Dutch “Algemeen Dagblad (AD)” presented […]

What I think they mean…

April 6, 2012


I have been dubbing whether to call this post “Conspiracy theories” or “US vs. UK”, but decided in the end to call it “What I think they mean…”. Nonetheless, we are talking science with a dose of us vs. them and if you want to believe, conspiracy at international level as well – yes, we […]