X2012 – day 1

Posted on July 2, 2012


As promised, short notes on the X2012 conference. As (almost) everyone expected, it has been raining all day. That may be one of the reasons that the attendance this first day has been great, although I tend to think it is because of the scientific programme we have put together. Regardless, with nearly 330 attendees this X conference much larger than expected…and a great success.
Even the queen decided to travel to the city of Edinburgh and stay for the duration of the conference. I haven’t seen her yet, so this may just be a coincidence…
After Dr Howard’s opening address, I attended a session on new developments in the use of job-exposure matrices for epidemiology, while I am currently sat in the session on management tools for disaster managements.
Some great work has been done in combining expert opinions and measurement data to develop a semi-quantitative JEM for carcinogens in the general population. Look at synergy.iarc.fr if you’re interested. Similarly, good work has been done in Canada to further develop the CAREX data, methods and ideas.
Today’s last session on disaster management made the case for more extensive biomarker assessment after disasters have occurred to be able to reconstruct initial exposure and evaluate “downstream” health effects, for example using PBTK models.
So a good start to the X2012, which will now be continued at a drinks reception.

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