Sense about Science and The Daily Express

Posted on December 20, 2012


In relation to my previous post earlier today (link), I think the situation could not have been better illustrated then by a recent post by the Charity Sense about Science called “Better than the Daily Express” (here).

I have copy-pasted the introduction from their website:

Better than the Daily Express

10 December 2012

On 7th December, an article in the Daily Express suggested alternative treatments for cancer are effective. The piece contained numerous factual inaccuracies and was misleading to the point of potentially causing harm to cancer patients.

After three days of attempts by us and Cancer Research UK to get a correction, the Daily Express has refused to edit their dangerous cancer advice so we’ve made a corrected version.

You can look at what experts also said about this article in our For The Record here.


And hereby the updated version of the article itself:



It’s a bit of an embarrassment…there’s not much left, is there?

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