The Almost Lizard…

Posted on February 4, 2013


This is a little bit off-topic…ok, it is very much off topic, and has absolutely nothing to do with occupational health, environmental health, public health or exposure assessment. For that matter, it is in fact not even related to statistics.

Nonetheless, one of my PhD students has, while writing his thesis, also finished his first novel and convinced a publisher that is was worth publishing. In due course I will of course put the abstract of his thesis here, when he can rightfully call himself Dr Higgerson. In the mean time, hereby more information about his other, non-public health passion:

Today is Daniel Lizard’s twenty-first birthday and he has just completed his autobiography. Now, he plans on   killing himself, leaving behind possibly the longest suicide note ever committed to paper.


Daniel creates soap operas in his head – a game that he plays on his paper-round. Rather than a phase, this is just the beginning of a fantasy that becomes more and more elaborate as the people around Daniel become his unwitting co-stars.

Daniel begins to realise that, in life, you cannot write all of the scripts, there is no-one there to shout cut or hit rewind and, inevitably, all manipulations have their repercussions.

If this sounds good and interesting, but you do not really want to pre-order the book (which, by the way can be done here) or buy the ebook version (which, by the way can be done here), then you can read the first chapter for free at the Legend Press site (read the first chapter here).

Enough marketing from my end. I hope you will give the book a try. Regardless, his next work that needs defending in public will be:  Alcohol-Attributable harms to health in urban Europe: Disability-Adjusted Life Years in a policy context.

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