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Posted on March 18, 2013



Last week, March 14h, we (Karen Galea and Martie van Tongeren from IOM and I) organised the first UK & Ireland Exposure Science meeting. Set up similar to, and not coincidentally the day after, the 7th UK & Ireland Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology 1-day meeting, we had the plan to start organizing these meetings to get the different areas involved in exposure science in one room to share ideas and thereby improving what we are all doing. Like many ideas and plans, this one was also born in the pub, but to my great pleasure this idea actually made it out of the pub and survived long enough to be brought into practice. With this, we hope, a tradition of annual meetings has been born.

With 4 carefully selected keynote speakers, 2 oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts and 16 poster presentations we had a feeling we were on to something here, and indeed over 50 people attended (of which 17 attended both the exposure science and the epidemiology meeting).

So hereby some of the details of the meeting as well as some photos (*) so that you know who to contact if you did attend, or to realize what you missed if you didnt. If you didnt attend, and regret that now…don’t worry the 2nd UK & Ireland Exposure Science meeting is already being planned, and will be most likely in Manchester in the week from 7 to 14 of March 2014 – so that it will coincide with the 11th International Conference on Urban Health.

As mentioned, we had four carefully selected keynote lectures:

Professor John Cherrie‘s keynote was entitled “Estimating Dermal Exposure to Chemicals”, and his slides can be found on John’s blog (link).

John Chrrie

Rod JonesProfessor Rod Jones talked about “Low cost air quality sensor networks: an emerging paradigm for exposure monitoring”

Professor Stuart Harrad‘s keynote lecture was entitled “Role of Indoor Contamination in Driving Human Exposure to Persistant Organic Chemicals”

Stuart Harrad

And the final keynote lecture, entitled “‘Omics’ in environmental epidemiology’  was given by Professor Paolo Vineis.

Paolo Vineis

In addition to the keynote speakers, we also selected two oral presentations which we agreed would give that “little extra” to the meeting from the submitted abstracts:

Dr Williams talked about “Particulate Measurements in London as part of ClearFlo”.


And Dr Modal‘s oral presentation was entitled “In-utero and lactational transfer of PFAAs by mothers in the C8 Science Panel Study.


All in all, we did our best to include as many of the segments of the large world that is exposure science, and judging by the discussions after the presentations, during the poster presentations and over lunch or coffee this panned out as planned. I felt this was a very successful meeting, and I believe Karen, Martie and the attendees do agree. Of course, for the 2nd meeting next year we hope to include even more, so keep an eye out for future mailings!

If, after last week and/or reading this post you have some good ideas for the next meeting, or you would like to get involved in future meetings get in touch with Karen, Martie, myself or have a look at the associated linkedin group (here). Also, if you just want to be included in future mailings (only those related to the 2nd meeting of course) drop one of us a line…

In other words: see you all next year in Manchester

(*) Thanks to Andrew Apsley for thinking ahead and bringing his camera…

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