New Book: Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields

Posted on June 11, 2014


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If you are interested in electromagnetic fields and health you may want to have a look at a new Book entitled “Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields”, edited by Martin Roosli, and which is now (I think) available as eBook (link) or will be available in the near future as a real book here (link).

More detail, which I copied from the Amazon page:


 Fueled by more than 30 years of intensive research and debate on the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on everyday life—starting with residential exposure to magnetic fields and the development of childhood cancer in the 70s and continuing with risk of exposure via wireless communications in present day—Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields addresses ongoing public and scientific controversy surrounding the possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to human health, and provides an in-depth introduction into the methodology of environmental epidemiology that is appropriate for all levels, from student to practicing engineer.

 Focusing primarily on EMF examples, the author presents the general principles and methodological concepts in environmental epidemiology. Topics of importance in the first part of the book include epidemiological study designs, exposure assessment methods and implications for the study results, as well as selection bias, confounding, and other biases including reverse causality and ecological fallacy. The second part of the book covers environmental epidemiological methods in detail and outlines key examples such as childhood leukemia and exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields, as well as examples that look at brain tumors and mobile phone use. The book also offers a detailed discussion on the range of EMF sources and exposures. In addition, it highlights the sophisticated assessment methods required to address exposure situations, and provides a historical perspective. The third part of the book examines how EMF exposure from the use of wireless communication techniques and other challenges affect risk assessment today and also details future developments.

 Explores environmental epidemiological methods in detail, while critically discussing epidemiological findings

  • Provides a state-of-the-art overview of the scientific evidence of the health effects of EMF
  • Considers how novelty, the steep increase of radiofrequency (RF) EMF exposure from wireless communications, and other challenges affect risk assessment today

 Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields provides a thorough overview of the subject, and evaluates the scientific evidence surrounding the possible health effects of EMFs.


The whole book is worth a read since it covers all those topics you always wanted to know more about; written by many of the well-known scientists in the field we all came to know and love. Personally, I would especially recommend Chapter 3 on Occupational EMF Studies.

Indeed, written by yours truly…

Chapter 3

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