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A tale of climate change (A tale of immigration part 2)

October 17, 2014


You may have noticed it is a Friday today, so as a result two posts on a single day. It’s like Christmas (but without the presents)! I was giving this random cut-off point used in the graph by Mr Monckton on the Heartland Institute website in my previous post (A tale of immigration) a bit […]

A tale of immigration

October 17, 2014


You may be surprised that this month’s blog post is not about public health, nor is it about epidemiology. It’s closely aligned though, in that I’d like to pay a bit of attention to lying with (objective) data. Here in the UK we are gearing up for another election, with the most important theme seeming […]

The Daily Mail is on the case !!

October 3, 2014


A short update this time, but it seems the Daily Mail has been checking out PubMed in the same way I have been doing. Surprisingly (unless they read this blog as well), they covered the same article about the impact of 50 Shades of Grey. In my case this resulted in “Reading 50 Shades of […]