A tale of climate change (A tale of immigration part 2)

Posted on October 17, 2014


You may have noticed it is a Friday today, so as a result two posts on a single day. It’s like Christmas (but without the presents)!

I was giving this random cut-off point used in the graph by Mr Monckton on the Heartland Institute website in my previous post (A tale of immigration) a bit more thought, and was quite curious about this “No Global Warming for 18 years 1 month” statement. It is quite prominent you see…

…So I used the exact same methods used by Mr Monckton again, but choose a different time period. I thought how about the last 6 years, to see if older data was not erroneously affecting later data (the rationale for the Heartland graph). I used the same data and I used to same regression method. I even adopted the exact same way of showing the trend line and the explained variance (r2). So methodologically speaking, we are now adopting the exact same method using the same data. I even put a statement in; exactly like the original graph. Have a look at the resulting figure below. A figure I hope to see replicated on the website of the Heartland Institute’s environmental page (link), and probably the Daily Mail as well, because let’s face it, after a bit of a hiccup climate change has kickstarted again!

Now that is worrying news…


If you have a bit of a problem with my “scientific methods”, so have I…




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