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New: Book Review “The Spirit Level Delusion – Fact-Checking the Left’s New Theory of Everything”

August 14, 2015


This book came with so much praise from people I don’t know, including from one of the writer’s direct colleague, that it must be good…one would have thought. It even comes with its own website, where you read an additional chapter 10 for free. So I had a go at it, and this effort really falls into the category “I’ve read it so you don’t have […]

New blog post at “The Fun Police”

August 4, 2015


Alcohol Abuse in the Midsomer Constituency It’s holiday period now, so instead of some difficult discussion about epidemiological problems, confounding or, like two weeks ago the picking apart of a not very good study that made it into national newspapers (well…tabloids), this new post falls in the category “hey, did you know this ?!” I […]