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Posted on August 4, 2015


alcohol in filmsAlcohol Abuse in the Midsomer Constituency

It’s holiday period now, so instead of some difficult discussion about epidemiological problems, confounding or, like two weeks ago the picking apart of a not very good study that made it into national newspapers (well…tabloids), this new post falls in the category “hey, did you know this ?!”

I was aware that constantly watching movies was probably not the best way of spending your life. If we limit ourselves to health then I assumed that this was primarily the result of being a couch potato and, well, if you are watching television by definition you cannot do something else…something healthier or, well, something more useful (although I am sure there must be something beneficial to “zoning out” for a bit). I also read the occasional story about violent movies, or for that matter computer games or music, being held responsible for various acts of violence of, well, let’s call them less stable members of society. Although most of these articles are generally found in the Daily Mail, so I did not spend too much time contemplating them.

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