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New blog post at “The Fun Police”

August 4, 2015


Alcohol Abuse in the Midsomer Constituency It’s holiday period now, so instead of some difficult discussion about epidemiological problems, confounding or, like two weeks ago the picking apart of a not very good study that made it into national newspapers (well…tabloids), this new post falls in the category “hey, did you know this ?!” I […]

Closing time? A British pub, a pint, some tax and no cigarettes

December 10, 2014


Today there was much consternation in the UK media about the results from a new report from The Institute of Economic Affairs about the reasons why pubs have been closing in the UK. For example, and as usual for entertainment value, the Daily Mail open with: “Tax and red tape close 6,000 pubs over the […]

Why Mendel tells you not to drink alcohol when you are conceiving an Einstein

July 24, 2014


Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is generally considered as not a very good idea. For one, it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome if you are serious about your drinking (reference). It has been associated with smaller babies. And smaller babies is not good (for the babies themselves, presumably for their mothers it is a benefit during […]