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A meal to (never) die for

May 8, 2017


Clean eating, raw food, paleo, and, I‘d imagine, quite a lot of other such diets and lifestyles  seem to be everywhere nowadays; whether it is a friend telling you that you just “have to do this, because…”, or whether it is in twitter, facebook, and tabloid “science updates”. Of course, the most irritating one of these is the […]

Aspartame and “academic chill out”

May 15, 2013


I am not sure whether this has come up before in any of my blog posts, but I am a member of the Charity “Sense about Science”, and occasionally work with them. They are, as stated on their website (link) a “Charitable trust that equips people to make sense of science and evidence on issues […]

Sense about Science and The Daily Express

December 20, 2012


In relation to my previous post earlier today (link), I think the situation could not have been better illustrated then by a recent post by the Charity Sense about Science called “Better than the Daily Express” (here). I have copy-pasted the introduction from their website: Better than the Daily Express 10 December 2012 On 7th […]

The irony of the mobile phone

November 30, 2012


Ok, let me first point out that I wasn’t the one spotting the irony here. I could have, probably, and maybe I would have, had I been paying attention. Nonetheless, someone else had his eyes and ears a lot closer to the fire…so for better or worse (and until ordered to remove the name) credit […]

Good idea, bad hypothesis: misclassification in cellphone use

August 3, 2012


A comparatively large number of posts on my blog deal with studies on adverse health effects of cell phone use. That’s not a coincidence; there is just a lot to talk about. Take for example a new study in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology that has been online since July 18 (it’s […]

Mobile phones, carcinogenic risk, and the HPA

April 26, 2012


The UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) just published their new report entitled “Health Effects from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields”. In summary, their advisory committee, not including any unexpected names, does not believe of increased cancer risk of using cell phones. The full report can be downloaded for free here. This of course got wide coverage in […]

My weight (now that’s rude), my (occasional :-)) drink, the sun (I doubt that), or will it be my work after all?

December 8, 2011


I cannot look into the future, at least not too far ahead, and to be honest that is a major inconvenience. I guess however, that is how everyone else feels about this issue as well. I can make the reasonable assumption though that, if I don’t get ill or die of anything else earlier, I’ll […]