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“Being Boris Johnson” An essay on free markets and public health

February 16, 2017


If you live in the UK (or Europe) you may remember that Boris Johnson, always the opportunist, wrote two columns for The Daily Telegraph – one pro- and one anti- Brexit. The plan, of course, was to decide which option would be the most beneficial to ones career and go with that. An alternative explanation […]

New blog post “Epidemiology: a canine intervention”

December 13, 2016


Sometimes, in science, and specifically in epidemiology, all that is needed is a dog’s perspective… …especially when it is about them… Read more my site ‘The FunPolice’ <link> Or direct to article: <link>  

New Fun Police blog post: “How not to die when watching television”

August 5, 2016


Sometime last week the British, and probably international, newspapers were full of stories about new scientific data proving that binge watching (i.e. watching more than one episode of a series at a time, suppose) is detrimental to your health. Just a selection of the headings: “Binge watching TV programmes could kill you, according to Japanese scientists” (BBC)  […]

New blog post at “The Fun Police”

August 4, 2015


Alcohol Abuse in the Midsomer Constituency It’s holiday period now, so instead of some difficult discussion about epidemiological problems, confounding or, like two weeks ago the picking apart of a not very good study that made it into national newspapers (well…tabloids), this new post falls in the category “hey, did you know this ?!” I […]

Review of “Irrationality: the enemy within” on the Fun Police

July 7, 2015


New edition of the classic work on why people seem to do such stupid things, even those in power. Go to:

Closing time? A British pub, a pint, some tax and no cigarettes

December 10, 2014


Today there was much consternation in the UK media about the results from a new report from The Institute of Economic Affairs about the reasons why pubs have been closing in the UK. For example, and as usual for entertainment value, the Daily Mail open with: “Tax and red tape close 6,000 pubs over the […]

A tale of immigration

October 17, 2014


You may be surprised that this month’s blog post is not about public health, nor is it about epidemiology. It’s closely aligned though, in that I’d like to pay a bit of attention to lying with (objective) data. Here in the UK we are gearing up for another election, with the most important theme seeming […]