Everybody likes babies…and football…

August 14, 2014


Sometimes you read something and you just know that cannot be correct. I am not talking about the Daily Mail again (that’s part of its entertainment value); I am talking about peer-reviewed scientific publications. Some of those have been covered previously on this blog, but I found another nice one (well, was pointed to it […]

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Why Mendel tells you not to drink alcohol when you are conceiving an Einstein

July 24, 2014



Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is generally considered as not a very good idea. For one, it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome if you are serious about your drinking (reference). It has been associated with smaller babies. And smaller babies is not good (for the babies themselves, presumably for their mothers it is a benefit during […]

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New Book: Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields

June 11, 2014


Just a very short intermezzo this time….    If you are interested in electromagnetic fields and health you may want to have a look at a new Book entitled “Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields”, edited by Martin Roosli, and which is now (I think) available as eBook (link) or will be available in the near future […]

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How music ruins your night out…

May 8, 2014


If I had a price for the most interesting paper I read recently I would, without a doubt give it to ’Lager, lager shouting’: The role of music and DJs in nightclub disorder control published in Addiciones  2009;21(4):327-45 (link); or, because it is presented simultaneously in Spanish, ‘Gritos de cerveza, cerveza’: el rol de la musica […]

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A medieval hermit, a religious nut and a mobile phone enter a pub……….

March 28, 2014



Sometimes it is a very good idea to look at a problem from a completely different and sometimes unexpected angle. That’s what this post is all about. It’s about idiopathic environmental intolerance, or, in medical terminology “I don’t feel well and my doctor has no idea what it is, but I am pretty sure it’s […]

Mixing babies, Popper, power lines and this blog’s Comments Section

February 4, 2014


Unfortunately, I missed a January blog post, just by a couple of days. Fortunately, that was to wait for the publication of a paper, which is now available for download online…and which is the topic of this particular blog post. It’s one where I am going to try something new; I am going to ask […]

Dirty electricity is not getting any cleaner

December 12, 2013


“Dirty electricity” has been on the march again. Before moving on the rest of this article, and to prevent the standard messages and emails I get when I post something about ‘dirty electricity’, let me point out that I have no beef with the concept (other than that I very much prefer the term ‘high […]


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