The true costs to the UK economy as a result of Brexit

February 22, 2019


The Centre for European Reform on 27 January 2019 produced one of their Insights dedicated to the costs of Brexit to the UK economy to September 2018 [link]. These analyses indicated that the UK economy is 2.3% smaller than it should have been, which equates to £17 billion per annum or, in ‘side-of-the-bus’ terminology £320 […]

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Thinking about time-series……and mobile phones

December 13, 2018


I recently published a paper with the exciting title ‘Analyses of temporal and spatial patterns of glioblastoma multiforme and other brain cancer subtypes in relation to mobile phones using synthetic counterfactuals’ in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Research. At the time of writing this is still available as open access here [link], but because this research did not […]

Probably time to bury it….

August 2, 2018


New FunPolice blog post “Probably time to bury it…” I have now looked at the various wild claims thrown around by the same author about effects of low dose radiation and a so-called bi-phasic dose-resociation, and have only found errors in the data, problems with the statistical and epidemiological analyses, unsupported wild claims about enormous risks, […]

New blog post “Electrification and the diseases of other causes…”

June 22, 2018


In 2010 a new hypothesis was published that ‘diseases of civilisation’, including cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, were caused by the electrification of society. Recently, a new book was published that builds on that hypothesis. Let’s have a look at some of the data used to build that hypothesis in a bit more detail, shall […]

Ah Man! Does that cause cancer too?!

May 5, 2018


Last week a new study was published describing the results of a survey of the English general population asking them “What causes cancer?”. That’s technically now what they asked, but you get the idea. The study made the national news, and may have reached an international audience as well, and for example was covered by […]

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A Spy Novel by a modern-day Franz Anton Mesmer (and a bit about low-level radiation)…

February 20, 2018


So a couple of months ago I attended a meeting to do with whether childhood leukemia incidence in the vicinity of nuclear power stations could be related to radiation exposure or, well, not… Unfortunately, the meeting got somewhat hijacked by a well-known (relatively speaking, in certain circles) campaigner…. Link to the full Fun Police article: […]

A meal to (never) die for

May 8, 2017


Clean eating, raw food, paleo, and, I‘d imagine, quite a lot of other such diets and lifestyles  seem to be everywhere nowadays; whether it is a friend telling you that you just “have to do this, because…”, or whether it is in twitter, facebook, and tabloid “science updates”. Of course, the most irritating one of these is the […]

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